Family owned company in

Bourg Charente producing fine quality Cognacs including a varied range of XO.

With a vast range of vintages going back to 1920, Cles des Ducs offers a full Armagnac package, reflecting the heritage of Gascony and its famous spirit.


An excellent range of Grappa produced in Silvano d'Orba by traditional methods handed down through the generations of the Gualco family.


Handcrafted Dry Gin made in the heart of France using Juniper and nine other aromatic and exotic botanicals.


Antonello Favro was an Italian solider who arrived in Fontecha in 1936 to fight during the Spansih Civil War. Antonello taught the owners' grandfather, Tomás Ortiz de Zárate how to produce vodka. He was the first Basque Moonshiner.

Made exclusively from Basque Barley, this handcrafted vodka is made in small batches, three times distilled in a double column copper still and finished by special chill-filtration. Smoother than George Clooney in a tuxedo.


A unique product - Spiced clear rum from the French West Indies. Adds a spiced twist to Mojito and other classic cocktails.


Founded  in 1856 in Paris, Kentucky, Chicken Cock became famous during prohibition.


An authenitic French Absinthe, 100% natural with no added colouring, aroma or sugar served at a unique strength.

The Pagès Vedrenne company own a number of distilleries in France producing a wide range of high quality products. From Crème de fruits produced in Nuits-St-Georges to traditional herbal liqueurs from Puy-en-Velay & Turenne.

Distinctive, superbly made and packed with flavours including local herbs and citrus.

The classic fortified wine from the Cognac region.

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