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Pagès Vedrenne

The History....

In 1859 an inspired herbalist apothecary, Joseph Rumillet-Charretier, created the formula of Verveine du Velay. He did so by infusing and distilling botanicals in a small copper still of his dispensary, including of course the Verveine (lemon verbena). In 1886, Rumillet-Charretier, who had become an industrialist and a local politician elected Deputy of Haute Loire, hired Victor Pagès, one oh his relatives, to manage the distillery. Victor was therefore the first in the Pagès dynasty to invest himself in Verveine du Velay and to contribute to its expansion. His grandson, Raymond Julien-Pagès was also completely invested in the economic development of tourism in his région. He was the founder of two of the most famous family hotel and bed and breakfast associations :  the “Logis de France” and the “Gîtes de France”.


Raymond Julien-Pagès chose for his successor another independent french family. Since 1983, the Renaud-Cointreau family is managing the Pagès Distillery, with Mr. Jean-Pierre Cointreau as President.

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