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mythe 69 absinthe

The History....

Nothing can rival Absinthe for its ability to bring together, in stark contradiction, so much attraction, inspiration and genius, from Van Gogh to Toulouse Lautrec and those wild nights of folley, until its end with prohibition in 1915 at the height of its popularity. The name Absinth comes from the plant, Artemisia Absinthium, which is one of the principal ingredients. A lot of painstaking research into old formulas has been done at the "Distillerie des Terres Rouges Vedrenne" in order to revive the ancient elixir.



Even the way it was consumed, by using a special spoon, some sugar and water, added to the mysticism as, on contact with the sugar, the mix gradually changes colour to become the opaque green liquid with its breath-taking aroma. The sugar is used to absorb the slight bitterness of the Absinth and to develop the sophisticated fragrances.



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