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Cles des ducs armagnac

The History....

The history of Clés des Ducs is intertwined with that of Armagnac, Gascony and this passionate but harsh land which is home to a tradition of nobility and elegance. It all began in the heart of the Gers, in the village of Panjas. 1774 Paul Baylac, of Panjas distils in Panjas and writes the first chapter of our brand’s story. 1854 A well-known oenologist writes that the best eaux de vie come from the villages of Maupas, Panjas and Estang 1924 The founder of Clés des Ducs buys vineyards from Dame Baylac, a descendent of Paul Baylac The Clés des Ducs’ cellar has never left Panjas.


The brand is now one of the flagships of the Armanoir group whose registered office is also located in Panjas. Cles des Ducs cellars hold vintage Armagnac back to 1920.


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