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Basmoon potato vodka

The History....

Vodka born as Moonshine



Antonello Favro was an Italian soldier who arrived in Fontecha (Basque Country in Northern Spain) in 1936 to fight during the Spanish Civil War. Antonello taught our grandfather, Tomás Ortíz de Zárate how to produce vodka. He was the first Basque Moonshiner. They used an original recipe brought from Piedmont’s meadows and took advantage of local potatoes, plentiful and good-quality, to hand-craft the first spirits.

This old recipe has been preserved to the present day. Basque Moonshiners has been crafting its own spirits with the old still for more than 70 years. Our Pot-Still has seen many moons and from that old recipe, Basque Moonshiners distillery was born with its first creation BASMOON Vodka.

The Bottle Drinks Company       2018